Founded in 2016

Illuminate Real Estate, LLC is the culmination of a long-shared vision by co-founders, Jordan Kaufman and Gregory Woulfe. Early on in their careers, while solidifying their respective standings in the fields of net lease retail investment sales (Mr. Kaufman) and net lease retail development (Mr. Woulfe), the pair were constantly communicating. Whether looking for ways to better themselves as professionals or striving to make their contributions to the ever-evolving field of net lease retail real estate, Jordan and Greg were ever-present in each other’s career paths. Through late night phone calls and cross country meetings to discuss market challenges, market inefficiencies or synergistic strategies, Mr. Kaufman and Mr. Woulfe were working in tandem (at times as friendly competitors) to fine tune their individual skill sets and plant the seeds for what would ultimately become Illuminate.

As with many partnerships, it was a singular deal that brought Jordan and Greg together and paved the way for the creation of Illuminate Real Estate. Jordan and Greg have always prided themselves on their hands on approach to both investment sales and development. In what has become a somewhat “watered down”, impersonal approach to sourcing listings/development projects, Illuminate has dedicated itself to relationship building through transparency and collaboration. Today, with multiple development projects in various phases of construction and several listed net lease properties, Illuminate is proud to finally be sharing its light with the rest of the commercial real estate world.

Illuminate shares a collective 28 years of experience in net lease development, investment sales and syndicated investments with a specific focus on retail. The principals have successfully completed over 1.5m square feet of ground-up retail construction and have collectively amassed investment sales proceeds in excess of $900m. Below, is a list of tenants and clients that Illuminate has worked with.

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Tenants and Clients